Actual Day Wedding Photography & Videography in Singapore

Capture the significant moments of your wedding with the actual day wedding photography and videography services from Chris Ling International Photographers. Our team of talented photographers and videographer will be there to eternalise every highlight, from the grand entrance to the banquet. With the pictures and video, you will always remember your beautiful wedding day, even years later.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Our extensive experience in providing actual day wedding photography services in Singapore is an indication of our excellent work. With our unique flair for photography and attention to every detail, all of the pictures during your actual day will be stunning. Our dedicated and passionate team can capture your vibrant smiles and loving gazes in the highest quality, ensuring that you will always remember the emotions felt on your special day. Every picture will preserve the candid moments and the essence of your sincere emotions.

Our talented design artists will edit the pictures, enhancing them while keeping everyone looking natural. Expect glorious and vivid colours to highlight the joyful moments or pictures in black-and-white to emphasise the more striking moments.

Actual Day Wedding Videography

Other than wedding photography, we also provide actual day wedding videography services in Singapore. Our videographers are all highly trained and can capture all the beautiful moments while causing minimal disturbance. With specially selected music, crystal-clear sound and impressive video quality, you need not worry about how the video will turn out. All the highlights of your actual day wedding will be edited into an enthralling video, featuring an immersive and unique storyline. The video will tell your love story without being gimmicky or unnatural, as our videographers are all professionals of the highest calibre.

Other than actual day videography, our videographers can also capture you pre wedding activities, giving your guests a glimpse into the preparations.

Enjoy celebrating your actual day wedding to the fullest, and let our team of photographers and videographers capture the special moments. With our actual day wedding photography and videography services, you can always remember the romance and magic felt on your wedding day.

As your happiness will always be our greatest priority, our team will always have a discussion with you to learn about your desired style. Begin your wedding journey with Chris Ling International Photographers to gain treasured keepsakes, reminders of a momentous occasion in your life.

Simply contact us for more information regarding our services, or if you have any other queries. Our friendly team will always be willing to answer your questions.