7 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Photography as a Skill

Photography has been and will continue to be, one of the most prominent trends of the 21st century. When deciding upon a new mobile phone, or just about any mobile device, consumers use the quality of its camera as an important benchmark for comparison. Photography is one of the most popular and common ways to maintain a social media presence. Recent studies have estimated that 70% of Singaporeans are active users of social media.

Your popularity is determined not only by the number of followers you have but also the quality of photos you post. For this reason, social media influencers go out of their way to plan, set up and participate in hugely elaborate photoshoots. The result of their efforts are posts both unique and spectacular.

Consequently, those behind the lens have gained public eminence. Many have the impression that taking photos is a simple task. It’s not. The skills involved in taking a good photo are hard to emulate without proper training and experience. If you are keen on picking up these skills, taking a basic photography course in Singapore from Chris Ling International Photographers will do you a world of good. Below are seven reasons why you should pick up photography as a skill with Chris Ling.


Have you ever come across photos taken by Chris Ling that left you dumbfounded and astounded? That is the combined result of creativity and skills. When you take up photography, creativity should be your strong suit. It is what makes your photos authentic. Initially, it may prove to be a challenge to come up with something that has never been done. However, with time, practicing photography will help you hone your creative instinct. Constant practice will unlock your inner creativity and develop ideas you thought were beyond your creative capabilities.

A source of income

Photography is an occupation that offers a sustainable income. Many professional photographers rely on photography as their only source of income. This is because photography is a very flexible skill. A professional photographer can handle many clients in a single day. From birthday parties, to graduation ceremonies and to weddings, the job opportunities are endless. Regardless if you decide to be a full time or part-time photographer, it will not be difficult to land a photography job so long as you build a strong portfolio. Discover your interests and use that as a starting point to find job opportunities.

Tell a story

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you look at the professional photos taken by Chris Ling, you can piece together the story behind the image. Photography will be a beneficial and enjoyable skill for those with a passion for storytelling. Take up photography classes in from Chris Ling and learn to portray your message in your photos. Set up a simple blog as your portfolio and curate your photos there. The beauty is that you can say pretty much anything through photography. Even with everyday things such as food, you will be able to share your opinions while receiving the opinions of others.


Rest assured that you will embark on some of the most remarkable adventures of your life when you take up photography. The places that you will go and the things that you will do can be unimaginable. There may be times that the concept your client has in mind is somewhat scary for you. For example, shooting underwater or from very high points. It is through such encounters that you grow as a photographer professionally. Not only are you able to bring out different concepts but you will also feel the satisfaction of overcoming your fears.

Preserve beautiful memories

This life is only lived once. There are times you encounter epic situations that you wish you could relive over and over again. Well, you can do precisely that with photographs. They keep a reliable record of your life. There are people you only meet once. Others are in your life for a short while, but they leave an indelible mark. Photography is another way to capture such memories.

Capture emotions

This is arguably the best thing about photography. However, it takes a lot of practice and skill to do so. A good photographer is one that knows how to fuse creativity and intuition with other aspects of photography, such as lighting and perspective. When you learn photography professionally, you will be able to bring out emotions effortlessly. You will also be able to instruct your clients on how to strike different poses to express mixed feelings.


Different people have various remedial mechanisms when they are going through a rough patch. Some listen to music, others go for long walks while there are those who put pen to paper. Photography can be an effective form of therapy. It gives one the chance to let off some steam while expressing their emotions through their photos. Going out and capturing new events can be soothing and uplifting to our mind.

Photography is not only a skill, but it is also both art and science. It is also a very fulfilling affair. There is no end to the fun and adventure that comes with this skill. It gives you the chance to try out something new and test your mettle. Sign up for a photography workshop with Chris Ling today and turn yourself into a skilled photographer. Contact us today!

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