6 Styles to Make Your Wedding Video Special

Some couples would often prefer to align the theme of their wedding videos to their pre-wedding photoshoot. However, some go all out in terms of theme and style for their wedding video shoot. For example, couples who have had their pre-wedding photo shoot done in a photo studio through rental in singapore may opt to have their video shoot done outdoors. The decision depends on your own prerogative and of course, budget. Are you willing to shell out some extra bucks to make your wedding video even more special?

A lot of married couples have been claiming that wedding videos make everything extra special because you get to take a glimpse of what you have not seen during the ceremony. While some say that it is what makes reminiscing more meaningful and eventful.

If you are down to making your wedding video special, then, you have come to the right place! This article aims to provide you with six different styles of videography that you can ask and arrange with your photographer and videographer team to make your wedding video extra special.

Check them out below:

A montage video is a series of short clips combined highlighting the most important moments in one’s wedding. It can be considered as dramatic footage as it only foretells the different tear-jerking moments in a wedding like the exchange of vows, first kiss, exchange of rings, and the like. Usually, montage is widely used among wedding videos as a style in the recent years and has since then stayed as a classic option among couples.

Mixed Media
The reason why some couples opt to align the theme of their wedding video to their pre-wedding photo shoot is that so they can use these photos and clips in a mixed media footage. These series of stills and moving images are then edited in various effects to create dimension and provide the best effects depending on the type of video and photo captured.

Scenic Videos
Some couples take the extra mile and shoot a few more clips after the weddings. This happens especially if they chose a scenic and picturesque place to get married. As the name suggests, scenic wedding videos happen in a specific location and act as the central theme of the overall footage.

Same Day Edit
Same day edit videos became popular and a mainstay for a long time now. As the name implies, a same day edit video contains short clips and montage of what happened on the day itself and are also edited on the actual day of your wedding by your videographer. Usually, same day edit videos are shown during the reception as part of the program to entertain the guests.

Stop Motion
Stop motion videos are unique and creative. It is a type of video containing photos in chronological order to tell a story. Although an unusual trend for wedding videos, this style of videography is style doable as long as you collaborate with your videographer to achieve the desired look and feel to the footage.

Music Video
A music video style wedding video just screams uniqueness and personality. Although it can be hard to film such style, just keep in mind to make sure that everything is set before heading out to film. Also, use a song or mimic a song that complements your journey as a couple to make everything even more memorable and fun!

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