4 Reasons Why Should Have Express Highlights Video For Your Wedding

The popularity of express highlights videos is continuously on the rise. The market for express highlights videos has come a long way ever since it has started. So, what is an express highlights video? An express highlights video is a group of footages taken from when the bride and groom start getting ready for their big day up until before the reception ends. An express highlights video is a nice treat for your guests to give them a sneak peek of what happened before the ceremony and for those who have missed the actual wedding rites.

Express highlights videos are edited using a group of sweet footages recorded during the event itself, and here are a few good reasons why you should avail it:

It is a great documentary for your wedding

Whether you are the bride or the groom, we are pretty sure that you are curious as to what both parties had done during the preparation before the wedding rites. Through the express highlights video, videographers document each specific detail and combine them to create a documentary-like film that can be shown to the married couple and the guests. It is a story-like video telling how the entire day unfolded.

It keeps your guests entertained

For guests who have missed the actual wedding ceremony, you can give them a glimpse of what happened during the exchange of vows itself. Playing an express highlights video during the reception can help you make your guests turn a little back in time and let them witness the intimate moment where you and your partner exchanged vows and sealed that promise with a kiss! An express highlights video is very entertaining because most videographers would include blooper scenes at the end of the whole film too.

It has a storyline

Although the contents of the express highlights videos are footages from the actual day of the wedding, it is still something that tells your guests a story through the music used in the over-all footage. You have the freedom to choose which music you would like to be included together with the footages or you can leave the decision to your videographer as well. The music wraps up the whole product and creates a clearer storyline. You can also include old videos and photos of your dating process in the video. It is like giving your guests an idea of how the two of you met and the experiences you have had as a couple through the years. Just simply tell your videographer what you want to include and let him or her do their magic in editing your express highlights video!

It lasts a lifetime

Nothing is sweeter than seeing a clip or footage of your wedding and the promises you have made to each other in your vows. No matter how many years have passed, viewing your wedding video can bring back that warm, fuzzy, and sweet feelings you have had back in the day. This is why availing an actual day wedding videography service is a great investment to make to help your memories last a lifetime.

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