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Convocation Promotion


Graduation time! It had been a long and tedious journey and our congratulations to you!

Ever thought about how boring some convocation photography can be? Well then, we want to introduce to you the fun side of it all. Why stress yourselves further with only 1 or 2 stuffy portraits when now you can choose from a whole lot of wacky shots? The bottom line, you and your friends can have a blast at our studio while we capture your moments. Yes, you can share this promotional package with up to 5 graduate friends!

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Convocation photography (Singapore studio)



– 1 hour service

– 2 settings

– Maximum 5 Pax (additional pax at $50/person)

– All soft copies returned

Makeup and styling services at $110 per person.

Prints and enlargements are on an ala-carte order.

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