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Studio photography hasn’t been making much of a name for itself nowadays. The reasons for this could be the lack of creative studio space, and the limited experience some photographers have in handling lighting. Here at Chris Ling, we still believe the art of studio photography should be kept alive.

As most of us know, space in Singapore can be very expensive, and to dedicate 5000 square feet (we took up 3 units in Midview City) entirely for settings and backdrops would be rather crazy. Which maybe we are, because that is what our studio have been set up to do. Driven by fabulous interiors that can be casted as amazing settings, we are always eager to recreate some classic inspirations for seasonal changes. And change is inevitable, lest everyone starts having  all the same albums!

Simple backdrops shouldn’t be neglected too. Contrary to popular belief that it is dated, these backdrops provide a chic minimalist feel that lets photographers focus on the subtlest details on your gowns and suits, your expressions and the beauty of your features.

One would have to undergo a considerable amount of training before knowing how to cast proper lighting. A different form of photography comparing to journalistic wedding days, there are various aspects to learn in not only lighting control, but also directions on how to frame a shot in a studio setting. Much has to be learned and practiced before a photographer can take up pre-wedding jobs.

For couples who love the mix of both outdoors and studio settings, rest assured we would continue to develop our space so that our photographers can utilise it for your wedding album.


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