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If being in a family suits your idea of a job, then you’re the creative we welcome. If you feel you have an different perspective of what you think creativity can be, our eyes are eager to view your work!

Our department head and managerial positions are currently not available. Yes, they don’t want to leave and we’re not complaining.

Chris Ling Intl Photographers is now open to receive portfolios for –

DIGITAL ARTISTS: Fresh grads are welcome. You would be required to possess the knowledge of facial editing. We are also looking for talents who are imaginative in creating wedding albums or books.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Certification isn’t a must, but a passion for people and a strong portfolio is.


We don’t ask for much, and we focus on individual drive rather then fancy papers. Although, we do require that you be able to communicate in English and Mandarin, be a team player, possess a strong work ethic, and have discipline in handling deadlines.

Sounds like yourself? We look forward to receiving your portfolio. Do send it to:

careers -at- chrisling -dot- com

. . .


– If your portfolio exceeds 1mb, consider using a filehosting site (eg. and provide us with the link to download your files. Alternatively, you can also submit your web folio for us to view. Most companies appreciate that you do not send in portfolios sized 20mb or 50mb, our mail servers will reject you automatically.

For entry level positions, a simple introduction in your email about your interest in joining us is sufficient. Cover letters are necessary for executive and top level positions, but bear it mind to keep it simple. 1000 word essays aren’t recommended as most HR personnel would just go straight to your attachment. Likewise 10 word statements like “hi heres my resume pls call me back thx : )” does not really put a professional light on yourself.

– Always remember to leave your basic information. Name, age, contact numbers, nationality and residing address. We have received applicants who only listed their names and email addresses along with their work experience. Not knowing if you are male or female, fresh grad or experienced, local or foreign, gives us too little information on whether we can shortlist your application. Furthermore, it would appear rather abrupt to the HR personnel reading it.

Your applications are kept in strictest confidence.

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